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Firearms Training Means Firearm Safety Means A Safe America

In the article in the Mail on Sunday Review, Dr. Ignatius Piazza is quoted as saying, "There is a small percentage of people out there who are wired wrong internally, who cause 100 per cent of the problems.
"Idealists would like it to be a nice, friendly world where nobody needed a weapon to defend themselves, but the reality is that until we no longer have that small percentage of anti-social individuals in our society, the good people definitely need to be armed and definitely need to be trained."  Where better to get firearms training than at a place like Front Sight, a world-class resort?

Really, though, gun training and firearms training make guns less scary.  Let us use cars as an analogy to firearms training and use.  Cars operate a certain way.  Firearms operate a certain way.  Cars sound a certain way.  Firearms sound a certain way.  Cars respond a certain way.  Firearms recoil a certain way.  A driver familiarizes himself with how vehicles operate before getting on the road; Americans should familiarize themselves with how firearms operate.  A driver knows a 'healthy'-sounding engine from a bad-sounding engine; Americans should know what a firearm sounds like, and be able to differentiate types of firearms and relative sizes and capabilities.  A driver is aware of what to do if he is driving in ugly weather, if the road is wet, cold or dark; Americans should know what it means when an action is stuck back, or what to expect when firing a firearm or when someone fires a firearm at them.

The firearms training that one gets at this world-class resort as described in the Mail on Sunday Review is enough to put any American at total cause of a dangerous situation.  Firearms training is vital, and Front Sight and Dr. Ignatius Piazza are turning out fully trained graduates, thousands at a time.


Front Sight in Sunday Review