Front Sight

No Matter How Controversial, Gun Training at Front Sight is a Must

Although it may sound other-worldly, impossible, or unheard of to be faced with a firearm-related incident, it is all but certain that a shocking majority of the American population will in their lifetimes, and must be trained on what to do if and when.  Hence, gun training.

So, "Why get gun training?"  Because "The good people need to be armed."  Because "Any gun will do – if you will do."  Because only law-abiding citizens abide by gun-restriction laws.  Maybe your grandmother, mother, or your extremely liberal or conservative friends will try and get you to 'see the light' of why guns and gun training are just plain bad, and why we should have anti-gun legislation and why you should never go to a place like Front Sight or listen to Ignatius Piazza or get his fantastic gun training.  Listen to them, and terrorists and violent criminals win.  Knowledge and responsibility are necessary for control; Front Sight delivers all three.

Gun training at Front Sight is delivered by professionals from all walks of life.  Ignatius Piazza is one example. Thousands of hours and years of devotion went into his achievement of the illustrious Four Weapons Combat Master.  With ex-military personnel, ex-cops and world-class gun experts teaching the gun training available only at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Front Sight is where you want to be!  If gun training is what you want, from any level of expertise, Front Sight is where you need to go; Ignatius Piazza is who you need to get it from.

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